Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Favorite Things

Weddings are deliciously fun. There is so much going on and love is in the air. The bride is radiant and the groom nervous. The flower girl looks adorable but is probably rebelling somewhere behind the scene. The attention to planning is being showcased as beautiful details come together to create a beautiful whole. Our fun is in capturing the moments that tell the story. Some moments are beautifully emotional while some are just pure joy. All these moments together create a day to remember. Here are some of our favorites to capture:

1. The Dress. Each dress says something about the bride who wears it. Chosen with care, these dresses can be flirty, elegant, beautiful, and to each bride: precious. They remember when they first saw the dress, who was with them, and the anticipation of taking it home. The dress embodies the whole feeling each bride wants for their wedding day. Whether that feeling is romantic, flirty, fun, or seriously traditional, the dress says it all.

2. The Flowers As time passed, flowers became known not just for their visual beauty but also what they came to represent. The Victorians believed that whole conversations could take place just by giving flowers. Roses, depending on their color can mean friendship, purity, unity, or passion. Some lilies represent celebration, making them perfect choices for weddings. Regardless of the flower chosen by the bride and groom, the flowers used are intensely personal.

3. The Cake Besides tasting delicious, the wedding cake is a work of art. I get a happy jolt when I see one. They just jump out at you. People will clear wide paths as a wedding cake makes its way to its place of honor. Like a debutante at the ball, the wedding cake takes center stage until the bride and groom arrive.

4. The Groom The groom is often content to take a back seat on his wedding day as he watches his beautiful bride shine and enjoy the festivities. Grooms are the glue that hold everything together. I have seen grooms calm nervous mothers, brides, and caterers. They hug their loved ones and graciously greet their guests and all the while the moment that truly defines the groom is when he sees his bride for the first time. From happy tears to fists of jubilee in the air, a groom loves seeing his future wife for the first time in all her finery.

5. Anticipation There is something truly wonderful about the hours before the wedding ceremony. Before the guests arrive a whole range of emotions are encapsulated that tell a beautiful story of anticipation. The bride is carefully getting ready, flower girls are getting their princess dresses on and twirling, groomsmen are brushing lint off their elegant tuxes. The moment when the dress is put on and the bride sees herself in the mirror for the first time is a magical moment. Mothers break into tears and the maid of honor hugs her best friend or sister. I love those moments.

6. The Kiss When a ceremony begins, the guests shift in their seats. There is a visible leaning forward by many trying to catch a better glimpse and what are they waiting for: the kiss. The first kiss by the newly married couple. For in that kiss, the past, present and future are all wrapped together. It can be sweet or passionate. I have even seen the first kiss as a dip. All were romantic.

7. The Celebration One of my favorite moments at a wedding occurred after the ceremony. The newly minted marrieds threw themselves in a hug and the husband lifted his bride and twirled her around as she cried happy tears. When the ceremony has concluded, nervousness melts away, congratulations abound, the music starts and the air is filled with festivity. The dress is oohed over and the groom gets a lot of high fives. In-laws welcome newest members of their families. The party has begun and it is fun!

So here is our list of favorite wedding moments. What are the favorite moments that you are looking forward to or had at your own wedding?

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